The Godwar

Oon-Bakar Sessions 6-11

The party helped the prisoners of the Eyes of Stone escape and eventually turned most of the populace against the Mountain Lords by revealing them to be frauds. They tried to confront them in their Tower, but they were nowhere to be found. They got the Golden Dwarf to confess, then killed him. They talked with Keldar and decided to have his sisters turn their efforts away from keeping the Far Realm shield around Oon Bakar and channel it into the construction of a huge portal capable of funneling all the dwarves to the Feywild and safety.

With the shield down, the drow army began to attacking the outer walls. The party helped hold back the army long enough for most of the dwarves to escape. They found the Mountain Lords in the city sewers and burnt them to a crisp because they would not repent of their actions. Their last stand was in front of the portal of fleeing dwarves, where they fought more drow, including Matron Baenre and her daughter Davya. The party defeated them and jumped through the portal with the last of the dwarves.



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