Kaylia Wildleaf

Elven Druid


Elf Druid
MC fighter, Polearm Build

Primal Aspect: Predator
Paragon Path: Twilight Guardian
Background: Born in the Sea (custom)

Magic Items:
Implement: Alfsair Spear +4 (lvl 18, AV2)
(Augment: Siberys Shard of the Mage (lvl 3 EPG))
Head: Phrenic Helm (lvl 17, AV)
Neck: Torc of Power Preservation +3 (lvl 15, AV)
Armor: Pouncing Beast Armor, Hide +3 (lvl 14, PHB2)
Arms: Iron Armbands of Power (lvl 6)
Hands: Gauntlets of the Ram (lvl 8, PHB)
Waist: Potion Bandolier (lvl 8)
Feet: Rushing Cleats (lvl 7, AV)
Ring #1: Premonition Ring (lvl 15)
Ring #2: (empty)
Italics: Polearm Build essentials, cannot be replaced

Other: Magic Shortbow +2

Wonderous Items (non-consumable): Restful Bedroll (lvl 1), Guardian’s Whistle (lvl 4, MME), Amulet of Melora (campaign custom item), Salve of Power (lvl 10)

Mundane Items (partial list): Adventurer’s Kit, Longbow, Knife (2), Spear, Crowbar, Alternate Ritual Book (knotted cords), Rain Stick, Rain Cloak, Map of Crystal Forest, Gau’s Ritual Book, Ritual Components, Dirt, Seeds

Rituals Known: Animal Messenger, Animal Friendship, Bloom, Call Wilderness Guide, Commune with Nature, Comrade’s Succor, Control Weather, Create Primal Element, Cure Disease, Disenchant Magic Item, Endure Elements, Far Realm Protection (custom for campaign), Feat of Strength, Gentle Repose, Ironwood, Portend Weather, Raise Dead, Remove Affliction, Sending, Silence, Shadow Walk, Speak w/ Dead, Summon Breeze, Tension Wheel (Craft ), Trailblaze, Traveler’s Camouflage, Traveler’s Feast, Tree Shape, Tree Stride, Warded Campsite, Water Breathing, Water Walk

Rituals to Learn: Brew Potion, Comprehend Language, Enchant Magic Item, Make Whole, Snare.

Magic Item Wish List:
Great Cat Armor lvl 19 AV2
Ring of Ramming lvl 18 AV
Hood of the Wolf lvl 20 DM 364
Counterstrike Guards lvl 14 AV
Alt Reward: Hanamau’s Terrible Roar lvl 6 DS
Siberys Shard of the Mage lvl 23 EPG


Female Elf Druid, born in the sea. Raised wild in a primitive elf tribe. Illiterate, intuitive, perceptive, claustrophobic. Former member of a druidic order known simply as the Circle. Adventured with another party until they were ambushed by Drow. Enslaved under House Baenre, recently escaped.

Kaylia Wildleaf

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