The Godwar

Silverpoint Sessions 1-2

Safe in the Feywild forests, the party helped the six million dwarve refugees set up camp. Plans were made to slowly move them into the mountains. The party hired rangers to help the dwarves. Then, a white dragon arrived with an invitation for the adventurers to come to Silverpoint. When they arrived they found themselves the honored guests of the decadent resort town and attended a grand feast and dance. They were also invited to a hunting competition and a jousting tournament.

During the hunt the party slew an evil green dragon. Their triumphant return was spoiled when they discovered that another group had killed a druid. Kaylee and Rond killed the dragonborn that did it, while Kalseth smoothed things over so that there were no repercussions. He also raised the dragonborn.

That afternoon Kalseth participated in a jousting tournament, winning several tilts before he lost to the leader of Silverpoint in the final round. Nacht thwarted an assassination plot and Rond stopped some people from cheating. The city guards arrived to take Kaylee into custody for killing the dragonborn again, and Kalseth convinced her to go with them despite Rond’s protests. Soon Kaylee changed her mind and escaped with Rond into the forest. Later that evening they met Kalseth and Nacht. Kalseth announced he was done adventuring with Rond and left to go to Arborea. The rest of the party started walking back to check on the dwarves.



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