Kalseth Korath

Vain and charismatic Eladrin Paladin


Race: Eladarin
Class: Paladin
Paragon Path: Champion of Corellon
Divine Option: Power of Arcana: +2 to Arcana checks; Virtuous Strike at will Power gains property Arcane, +1 to attacks with arcane powers 1 turn after using an arcane power.

Stats at level 17:
AC: 34
Fort: 28
Ref: 24
Will: 28

Weapon: Soul Sword of Kortaja ( +4 Greatsword) – Sentient Artifact
Implement: Holy Symbol Star of Corellon +4 (Add enhancement to arcane implement attacks)

Base Sword attack: +21 Strength based attacks, +22 Charisma based attacks
Base Implement attack: +19

Base damage modifer: +11

Armor: Mirrored Plate +4 Warplate Armor Level 18 (from the Dwarven Order of the Holy Shield) (Set: Arms of Unbreakable Honor)
Head: Pennant Helm level 14 (from the Dwarven Order of the Holy Shield) (Set: Arms of Unbreakable Honor)
Neck: Amulet of False Life +3 Level 13
Arms: Iron Armbands of Power Level 3
Hands: Hero’s Gauntlets level 17
Waist: Diamond Cincture Level 20
Feet: Eladrin Boots Level 17
Tattoo: Strikeback Tattoo

Wonderous Items:
Lamp of Discernment
Shroud of Protection

Nonmagical Items:
Golden toothpick
Fine Clothes
Silver Hand Mirror stamped with the insignia of the Council of the Three
SIlver Inlaid Hairbrush
Pins from the Empire of Arkosia
Medal of Arkosia (+2 Diplomacy to Arkosian Drogonborn)


Appearance: Tall, muscular for an Eladrin, Long Flowing blond hair, Blue Eyes, Square Jaw, Rippling Biceps. Very glitterry armor and shiny teeth.

Age: 75 years

Personality Traits: Haughty, vain, charismatic; devout, chivalrous, unmerciful to evil, protective of innocents; hedonistic, promiscuous, bisexual


  • Diplomat of Concord
  • Sword Knight of the Seldarine
  • Knight of the Three
  • Champion of Arkosia
  • Knight Paladin of the Order of the Holy Shield


Early Life

Kalseth grew up in the city of Astrazalian, the New York of the Feywild. His parents, Kalivon and Lyria Korath, were both talented wizard scholars. They were understandably disappointed by their very silly son. As far as Kalseth knows, one day when he was about 7 years old, some fancy looking guards took his sister Amella away, and no one would or could explain it. Soon after, his father simply told him that his mother was going away for a long time, and he was not to talk about it to anyone. His father pushed Kalseth ever harder to study the arcane, and when his son rebelled, Kalivon retreated into his research. So Kalseth grew up with no control or guidance other than an aged family steward, whom he easily manipulated with his charm. In fact, Kalseth was quite popular as a child, due to his classical good looks and charming naivety. He loved tales of adventure and chivalry, but never had the discipline to learn any useful skills. He spent the first forty years of his life playing, first games of the imagination, and then the infinately more fun games of drinking and debauchery.

Becoming a Paladin

When Avenialis, the great paladin of Correlon, set up his academy, the Eldarin community knew it would produced champions of unparalled faith and fortitude to the holy service. Nobody expected Kalseth to be one of them. But he fought hard to gain admission to Avenialis’s academy, against the skepticism of its masters, and spent years upon years learning to heal and fight, though with the same cavalier attitude toward life.

Decades later, he went out into the world to be one of the heroes he had read about, as well as do some more drinking and debauchery, of course.

Battle with the Drow

In the last years of Kalseth’s paladin training, his master took some of the higher level students to help drive off a Drow raiding party near the city. The Eladrin outnumbered the Drow 3 to 1, so no one was expecting trouble. But the Drow summoned monsterous spiders among the ranks to sow panic, and their poison arrows took down soldiers faster than the paladins and clerics could heal them. The Eladrin prevailed, and the Drow retreated, leaving their own wounded on the field while dragging the Eladrin wounded away. The captain in charge ordered the archers to kill their own wounded men rather than let them be captured.

The Kingdom of Sol and the Cult of Orcus

Shortly before the Godwar began, Kalseth got in over his head while tracking cultists of Orcus. Luckily, he met Jaelenneth and Moonshine, who helped him deal with the cult and uncover threats against Nentir’s major cities. The three traveled to Concord, where they brokered a truce between the townsfolk and the occupying Kingdom of Sol, earning the title Diplomats of Concord. They parleyed with the King of Sol, and accepted a mission to fight the undead in the seaside city of Kanverex. Joining up with the king’s ner do well bastard son, Nacht, they encountered Orcus himself before fleeing into the Shadowfell. Kalseth was shocked to see the shade of his sister Amella, covered in Dwarven Runes and speaking nonsense. However, Kalseth persevered and helped Moonshine cure her undead state, before jumping into a portal provided by the Raven Queen.

He arrived just outside a Kingdom of Sol outpost in the Feywild. Upon learning that the old king was dead, and the new king had allied with Orcus, Kalseth decided to go undercover as a soldier of Sol. This provided an opportune time to become formally recognized as a Sword Knight of the Seldarine, with all the extra training and power it provides. He used his numerous charms to convince the generals to send him to Sigil, where he met up with Dorn the Scion of Arkosia and his party. He also reunited with Nacht on a Kingdom of Sol ship sent to retrieve the god-slayer weapon. The ship was too late, but fate had brought him and Nacht into a party of heroes destined to save the universe. He was accepted the title of Knight of the Three by the council of the three neutral Gods Moradin, Pelor, and the Raven Queen.

Power of Arcana

During his travels in the Underdark, Kalseth began to display a strange, intense connection to Arcane power. Perhaps it was part of his destiny, perhaps a consequence of the destruction of the Fountain of Death, perhaps even an unintended consequence of his parents’ experiments. Initially overwhelmed by this new power, Kalseth has slowly learned to control it and become a powerful wielder of divine magics.

Kalseth Korath

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